Twice per year, STUSA staff will visit your facility for regularly scheduled maintenance which consists of: 

- Thorough Sweep and Rejuvenation.

- An in-depth grooming process will remove debris, dirt, leaves, metal objects, and other detritus that ultimately collects on any playing surface. 

Other services offered by our maintenance professionals include:
  • Field Sanitization
  • Seam Repairs
  • Sponsorship Logo Panels (Insertion, Removal, or Repair)
  • GMAX Testing

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta, GA, certain sports have higher rates of contracting Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and Staphylococcus Bacteria (Staph) Infection than do other sports

The transmission of (MRSA) and (Staph) is made possible by what is known as the Five (5) C’s.  This is when one or more of the Five C’s outlined by the (CDC) are present due to:  Crowding, Contact, Compromised skin, Contamination, and Cleanliness.  Only one of the Five (5) C’s is needed for any surface (not just synthetic surfaces but any surface, gym floors, counter tops, tile floors, etc.) to become infected with (MRSA) or (Staph) Infection.  While playing sports on synthetic turf, several or all Five (5) C’s are present, and dramatically increase the odds of acquiring (MRSA) or (Staph) Infections.

The Center for Disease Control cites the Five (5) C’s for easy transmission of (MRSA) and (Staph) Infection are:
. Crowding
Frequent skin-to-skin contact
Compromised skin (i.e. cuts or abrasions)
Contaminated items and surfaces; and
Lack of Cleanliness

Many sports facilities, turf managers, and athletic directors are unaware of the dangers that synthetic turf poses.  Around the country, facilities have been using one (1) of two (2) methods to sterilize synthetic turf.  The first is to let the sun kill the harmful microorganisms (however the ozone layer prevents this from being a real solution,) and the second method is to spray the fields with environmentally safe disinfected.  

We only use EPA approved viable solution for keeping sports facilities as microbe-free as possible without the use of environmentally negative harsh chemicals.


Turf Management

The proper maintenance of your Synthetic Turf surface will keep your field looking and playing at its best beyond its normal years.

Our field maintenance programs are geared towards making Synthetic Turf surfaces perform at their optimal level for years beyond their lifespan.  Our program is comprised of a thorough field inspection and regular maintenance done only by experienced staff.



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